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In The Press: Griffith in Context

The Whistle
The Georgia Institute of Technology

Volume 24. No. 24

July 24, 2000

"LCC Faculty unveil new multimedia teaching tool"

In classes this fall, two faculty members in the School of Literature, Communication and Culture (LCC) will try out their new multimedia educational tool -- a CD-ROM called "Griffith in Context." Funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities, the project is an example of how technology and the humanities can complement each other in education...

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AV Video Multimedia Producer

Volume 22. No. 6

June 2000

"Film History Unframed"

D.W. Griffith's historical drama, The Birth of a Nation, is one of the most incendiary, yet technically lauded, films of all time. Repelled by the film's racist propaganda, some educators won't include it in their curricula. But the film introduced a groundbreaking set of cinematic techniques to the production lexicon. To those in film studies, The Birth of a Nation is an indispensable reference...

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Wayne Clough, President
The Georgia Institute of Technology
2000 State of the Institute Video Archive

Ellen Strain and Greg VanHoosier-Carey, assistant professors in the School of Literature, Communication, and Culture, discuss how educational technology can offer students a profoundly different experience from the usual classroom lecture. Their new multi-media tool, Griffith in Context, is being tested in Georgia Tech classes this semester.

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