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Our Advisory Board consists of three scholars with extensive and distinguished experience in interdisciplinary teaching and the production of film-based educational software for the university-level classroom. Our Advisory Board will provide feedback at critical points within the production process, including one meeting in Atlanta at which time we will discuss "Griffith IN CONTEXT"'s role against the background of multimedia's expanding utility within humanities education.

  • Henry Jenkins, Ph.D.
    Comparative Media Studies, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    Author of Textual Poachers: Television Fans and Participatory Culture, What Made Pistachio Nuts?: Early Sound Comedy and the Vaudeville Aesthetic, and Science Fiction Audiences: Doctor Who, Star Trek and Their Followers (co-written with John Tulloch). Creator of The Virtual Screening Room, a CD-ROM Film Analysis Textbook (with Ben Singer and Janet Murray).

  • Marsha Kinder, Ph.D.
    Critical Studies, University of Southern California

    Author of 10 books including Blood Cinema: The Reconstruction of National Identity in Spain, Playing with Power in Movies, Television and Video Games, and Kids' Media Culture. General Editor of the Cine-Discs series of bilingual CD-ROMs on national media, which includes her own CD-ROM Blood Cinema: Exploring Spanish Film and Culture.

  • Lauren Rabinovitz, Ph.D.
    American Studies and Film Studies, University of Iowa

    Author of For the Love of Pleasure: Women, Movies, and Culture in Turn-of-the-Century Chicago. Creator of The Rebecca Project CD-ROM (with Greg Easley). Co-editor of Seeing Through the Media: the Persian Gulf War (with Susan Jeffords).